On February 19th, join Green New Deal Rising as we launch our action plan for 2024.

It’s election year and right now, things are pretty bleak. In 14 years, the Tories have systematically torn apart everything that could help our communities thrive. And let’s be honest, Keir Starmer isn't offering the change we desperately need. 

But we refuse to accept that things have to be like this. We refuse to stop fighting for a future where everyone can thrive.

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This year, we are going to run the biggest youth electoral campaign in British history. And we’ll keep taking action up and down the country to force politicians to listen to our demands for a Green New Deal.

We can’t afford to let this year pass us by - winning justice means fighting tooth and nail against a political establishment that wants to lock us out. 

Join us to find out how we’re going to use this election year to build power for our generation, and how you can play a role in making it happen.

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The launch call will take place via Zoom - sign up and you’ll get sent the link to your inbox. Live captioning will be available on the call - let us know if you have any other access needs that would help you participate - email info@gndrising.org.