Want change for the North East? Fed up with politicians who break their promises and offer no real solutions? Frustrated by rubbish buses, rocketing bills or greedy landlords? On May 2nd, you’ll have a chance to do something about it.

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Jamie Driscoll is the only candidate running who understands the scale of change we need to overhaul our rigged system, and has a plan to do it. He’s counting on your vote to help guarantee:

  • Fast, reliable transport that is truly accessible, and free for under-18s and students in full time education
  • Major action to prevent child poverty and regulate private landlords 
  • Reduced bills through retrofitted homes
  • Thousands of new good, well-paid jobs
  • A concrete plan to lower emissions and protect our countryside

Together, we have the opportunity to make history. To elect our first ever North East Mayor with the power to actually make our lives better from day one - and to refuse to be backed into a corner by one of the two mainstream parties. As an Independent candidate, Jamie isn’t controlled by Westminster, and won’t hold back fighting for our region.

But this election will be close - and we’re up against the big party machinery who want to get the North East back under their control. Your vote has never mattered more. Add your name to say you’ll back Jamie Driscoll for Mayor today.