The Green New Deal is a ten year, game - changing plan to stop climate change and build a world in which we can thrive. And now a Green New Deal bill is beginning its journey through Parliament. This bill is our first step towards a liveable world for all of us. 

Will you back the bill?

By backing the bill as an individual, you’ll show the strength of public support for the Green New Deal, and help build the pressure on MPs to sign up too.

The Green New Deal bill will:

  • Create legally binding targets to cut emissions, reduce inequality and reverse environmental damage
  • Change the way the Government manages the economy to enable huge investment into jobs, green infrastructure, public services, and environmental protection
  • Enable a comprehensive action plan to transform our energy supply, transport system, farming, buildings and the way we work so we can decarbonise quickly
  • Block investment in the things we need to stop now – making fossil fuel extraction a thing of the past
  • Ensure that transformation here doesn’t harm communities elsewhere, by making plans to pay reparations that simultaneously deliver climate and development goals.

Find out more about the bill here.

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