To win a Green New Deal, we need to make the case for one - in our communities, with ordinary voters across the country.

On the 17th-19th of June we will start to do just that - in Coventry South, MP Zarah Sultana's constituency.

Zarah is one of a few GND Champions already in Parliament, but she is at risk - her majority is small and the Tories will be trying their hardest to unseat her at the next election. So we need to stand up for her, just like she's stood up for us and our movement.

As a movement, we will spend a weekend in Coventry, talking to ordinary people about the Green New Deal, and getting them as hyped about it as we are. 

Food and accommodation will all be paid for by the movement, travel will be subsidised and we'll be throwing a party to celebrate while we're there! Sign up if you're in and we'll send more info your way!

More Info
This is the next phase of our movement - going out into our communities and making the case for the Green New Deal, in order to make sure we have as many GND Champions in Parliament as possible. We’ll spend the weekend learning, canvassing, and eating together as a movement in the early summer sunshine - putting forward a hopeful, transformative vision for the future to people in Coventry. We want everyone to join us for this weekend to kickstart the next phase of our movement - whether you live nearby or at the other end of the country!