Living in Coventry gives you a huge role to play in the fight for a Green New Deal.

The MP for Coventry South - 28 year old Zarah Sultana - is one of our most inspiring and powerful Green New Deal champions in parliament.

She’s fighting so hard to stop the climate crisis - but she’s in trouble. She only won her seat by 400 votes (!) at the last election. It was on an absolute knife edge - and there’s a real risk she’ll lose next time and we’ll lose one of the few people fighting for climate action in parliament.

That's why we can't wait until the next election, we need to get to work now. Our plan is to build a powerful team of young people in Coventry who will persuade voters to vote for Zarah and a Green New Deal. That's you.

Will you commit to organising in Coventry once there are enough of you to form a team?

Here's the plan: We're going to speak to young people and students who live in Coventry on social media, and recruit them to our election team. Once we have 300 people signed up, we'll host a big launch event in person in Coventry to get people hyped and recruit even more people to our team.

Then we hit the streets, speaking to everyone who lives in Coventry about the Green New Deal and why they should vote for Zarah long before an election is called.

This is how we plan to move our communities, and how we'll elect champions in parliament who can fight for climate justice for us all. We need you to make this plan work! Are you in?