Energy prices are skyrocketing and they're about to get worse - a lot worse. Today it was announced that the energy price cap is set to rise by an eye watering £700.

Enough is enough - we demand government intervention to immediately deliver an affordable price cap on energy bills and to commit to ambitious investment to insulate homes and develop secure, domestic, renewable energy sources, paid for by taxing fossil fuel companies.

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Across the country, many are already struggling to pay the bills. Now, millions will be plunged into poverty, forced to choose between heating and putting food on the table.  Meanwhile fossil fuel companies continue to record quadrupled profits, while receiving tax breaks from our government - we're paying them twice!

A Green New Deal would mean a mass insulation programme to make our homes warmer. It also means a  huge investment in renewables to secure cheap, clean energy for the future. And we can start paying for this by taxing dirty energy companies fairly right now.

We don't expect this government to bring about a Green New Deal - they're too far deep in the pockets of oil billionaires for that. But if enough of us join together, we could force a u-turn on today’s decision and help stop millions of people from making the choice between heating and eating this winter. 

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