The Green New Deal is a ten year, game - changing plan to stop climate change, end our reliance on expensive fossil fuels, and build a world where we can all thrive. The Green New Deal Bill is the only piece of legislation in Parliament right now which faces up to the scale of the challenge.

Email your MP now to ask them to back the bill - by signing an EDM in support of the bill, or by getting in touch with GND Rising and pledging their support.

You can find out more about the Bill, what it does, and who is already supporting it here.

Even if your MP is unlikely to respond, it’s still vital that we contact them and send them the bill - that way they’ll have no excuse next time they’re challenged in public by our movement!

Email your MP now!

*If your MP is one of the 31 who’s already supportive, great! You can edit the message and tell them how you feel about the government's plans to encourage more fossil fuel production, and ask them to spread the word among their colleagues in Parliament to help us reach 50 supporters. You can find a list of all the bill supporters here.