Something’s missing from Labour’s manifesto: hope for our future.

We’re in a planetary code red. The next Government may be our last chance to steer us away from the catastrophic trajectory of climate collapse. We demand real change, before it’s too late.

Inaction isn’t an option. We need to transform our economy so it’s people, communities and ecosystems that matter, not profit. 

When in government, Labour needs to:

💰Introduce wealth taxes to fund public services

🌱 Increase investment in green projects, no more U-turning!

🌊 Nationalise all our utilities so they work for people not profit

❌ Commit to an arms embargo

✅ Cancel debt to countries in the global south

👨‍🌾 Create millions of good green jobs

Tell Keir you are watching. And we won’t stop until we win a Green New Deal.

Add your name to our letter to Keir Starmer now 👇

Dear Keir Starmer,

Your election slogan is “change”, yet your manifesto tinkers around the edges.

For 14 years politicians have failed our generation. In government, with your current policies, you will continue this Tory legacy of failure and abandoning young people.

We're in a planetary code red. And we demand real change, before it’s too late.

We’re pleased that Labour has committed to the publicly owned GB energy and a warm homes plan. But this is not enough. We need more. 

Your original plan to invest £28 billion in green infrastructure would have been genuinely transformative. But instead, you U-turned.

If Labour gets into leadership, you have a responsibility to act on the climate catastrophe. It is an opportunity to make meaningful changes, but your current pledges are not enough.

We need you to introduce wealth taxes to fund public services, commit to an arms embargo and increase investment in green projects.

We need you to nationalise our public services and fund a just transition through upskilling workforces and creating millions of good green jobs and achieving 100% clean energy. 

We’re writing to let you know we’re going to hold you to account as Prime Minister.

We need you to stop downgrading promises and greenwashing policies. We deserve a future that is liveable, and somewhere we can thrive. 

Young people are uniting across the country and demanding for real change. It’s time to deliver it.

In hope and resistance,

Green New Deal Rising