The next election will define our lifetimes - and it's fast approaching. We can’t let the Labour party coast into power just because the Tories are failing us.

No more excuses. No more of the race to the bottom. We need all hands on deck to get Labour to commit to a plan for the future that we can believe in - kicking off the decade of the Green New Deal.

And that means giving politicians no peace until they agree to our 5 demands!

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1. Expand Public Ownership 

To stop private companies from profiting off public services and tax payer money, and getting in the way of the transition to a greener fairer economy, we need to bring fundamental public services into public ownership.

Labour must keep their commitment to nationalise rail and lift the ban on local authorities bringing buses into public ownership. They need to expand public ownership into water and energy. And tackle the concentration of land ownership by giving more power to communities over land-use decisions.

2. Tax Wealth Now

We need to tax wealth and capital at the same rate as income to fix inequality and ensure that health, education and other public services are properly funded. It’s one of the first things that needs to be done to hardwire fairness into our society, and to raise the funds we need to build a society that cares for us all. In its first term, Labour could raise 50bn from a tax reform.

3. Promise a Green Jobs Guarantee and secure income for all

By investing in the low carbon economy, we will create an abundance of high value, well paid jobs in every community. From retrofitting to caring to working on our buses and trains, every single person who wants a job in the green economy should be able to get one. This has to be promised alongside a strong social security system that provides people with an income at the rate of the cost of living, to ensure that everyone in our society is taken care of.

4. Enact a National Nature Service 

Labour needs to bring in a National Nature Service - giving communities a right to access nature and employing tens of thousands of young people to do the crucial work of restoring our land, coastlines, oceans and economy for a greener, more prosperous future.

5. Make Polluters Pay 

The UK must do its global fair share to tackle the climate crisis, and build its capacity to do so through a permanent and progressive windfall tax on fossil fuels companies and corporations profiting off the climate crisis. It should lead the charge in setting up an international windfall tax that’s redistributed as reparations to those on the frontlines of climate change and global inequality.