UPDATE July 2022 - We're replanning this action given the turmoil in government right now - stay tuned for updates!

The cost-of-living crisis is not inevitable.

The climate crisis is not inevitable.

They are the consequence of political decisions made by politicians. Politicians like multi-millionaire Rishi Sunak - who sits on his hands while millions are forced to skip meals in the UK, heatwaves threaten whole communities abroad and our window for meaningful climate action narrows.

And so, on September 1st-4th hundreds of young people from across the UK are heading to his constituency in North Yorkshire for a weekend of fun and mass action. To expose Rishi Sunak as an active blocker of climate and social action and to make our case for transforming society.

Loads more information to come - if you’re interested, sign up to find out more about our Sunak Summer Showdown in Northallerton!