Tell Labour Party leaders: No More Austerity!

Dear Rachel Reeves and Keir Starmer,

After decades of cuts, stagnating wages, rising bills and growing NHS waiting lists - we've had enough. We demand that you reject austerity ahead of the next General Election and commit to huge investment in our public services and transformative climate action.

Your current pledge to be the party of “secure economics” by cutting spending will spell disaster. Without a huge increase in day to day spending and even bigger investment in our futures, how do you expect to fix the NHS crisis, tackle widespread child poverty or decarbonise our economy by 2030 as promised?

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People across the country have already criticised your decision to scale back Labour's commitment to spend £28bn a year on climate solutions, calling it "dangerous" and "short-sighted".

You should be looking ahead and pledging to borrow to invest in the green economy because of the huge potential for growth in sustainable industries, which in turn could be funnelled back into our public services. If you don't, we run the risk of losing out on green jobs to other countries and falling further behind on our climate commitments.

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You try to tell us there is “no money left” as fossil fuel giants receive huge subsidies to inflame the climate crisis and billionaires in this country get richer year on year. But the public can see through this rhetoric and are in favour of greater public spending and bold, systemic changes needed to transform our rigged economic system.

Keir Starmer and Rachel Reeves you must start by rejecting austerity measures and listen to the thousands of people calling for a Green New Deal that would boost wages, improve public services and tackle the climate emergency.

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