There's news that Keir Starmer is about to roll back on his flagship pledge to invest 28bn a year in green projects. 

If true, this would be a disaster for our communities. 2023 was already the hottest year on record and with Rishi Sunak trying to max out oil and gas in the North Sea, we need to do everything we can to make sure that the leader of the opposition isn’t giving in to the fossil fuel industry and fringe climate delayers within his party. 

Investing in the green economy from day one of a new Parliament is the bare minimum we need to meet climate targets and repair our broken economy so that it works for ordinary people.

The UK has been underinvesting for the past five decades. The consequences can be seen all around us, in failing infrastructure, high energy bills and a depleted natural world. It’s time to stop playing politics and give the UK public the green jobs, energy security and transition away from fossil fuels that we want. 

Sign the petition now to tell Keir Starmer and Rachel Reeves not to water down the Labour Party’s commitment to green investment!