Bristol has an acute housing crisis.

The city has the highest % of private renters in the whole country. It's the priciest city to live in outside of London. Year after year, average rents have surged by 12%. And there's a chronic housing shortage leaving families desperate for somewhere to move.

This must change. Safe, secure, affordable housing must not only be seen as a priority for the next MP, but treated as a basic human right. 

Add your name now and send MP candidates a message: housing is my priority.

By tackling the housing crisis, we will be able to address the rooted inequality of our city. We need a candidate who sees deep connections between housing, fuel poverty, climate crisis, and human rights. 

Who are GND Rising and who are we backing in Bristol Central?

GND Rising is a movement of young people from every part of the UK fighting to build a society that works for us all.

We're demanding that our communities are put above the pursuit of endless profit and extraction. That means decent housing for all, well-paid and secure jobs and an environment that doesn’t make us sick.

In the General Election, we are backing Green Candidate Carla Denyer as she runs for MP for Bristol Central.


She recognises the challenges faced by renters, including escalating rents and inadequate housing conditions, and advocates for policies that ensure affordable and secure housing for all.

She has already campaigned tirelessly to prevent homelessness and champion the rights of renters, advocating for rent controls and landlord licensing.