we’re taking aim at the Labour Party

Most of us want our communities to thrive, right? For our friends, family and neighbours to live happy and healthy lives, with warm homes, good health care and a Government that puts people first.

But right now the Tories, big corporations and the wealthy elite are standing in the way, running this country and our world into the ground. Black and brown people are facing the double sting of economic inequality and environmental injustice, young people are getting screwed over by greedy landlords and our towns, cities and wildlife are crying out for support.

We know the Tories are going to try and make the next election all about dividing us by scapegoating migrant families and striking workers. And we can’t let Labour follow suit.

It’s time for the politicians who want to run this country to pick a side. 

Labour can't just coast to power

A Government that stands up for our interests - that protects our NHS, secures good green jobs and makes the UK accountable for its role in the climate crisis - is winnable.  We need to act now to get the Labour party to commit to our vision for the future - a real Green New Deal.

We know that politicians only move when they can feel the weather changing. And that's why we’re building an unstoppable groundswell of youth power that they can’t ignore. 

We’ve done it before.  When Keir Starmer announced that he wanted ‘a greener, fairer future’ at Labour Party Conference, he was responding to the movements that have been constantly pushing him to be bolder. But now - he and his party need to go further.

our demands

We’re demanding they stand for us by committing to pass legislation which would make an immediate difference in people’s lives and secure the future for us all: expanding public ownership, taxing wealth, delivering a green jobs guarantee and a living income, enacting a National Nature Service and doing our bit to make polluters pay globally in the first 100 days after the election. (Read more about those demands here)

From now until the election, we’re going to be taking every chance we can to force bold action from the Labour party. That means more MP challenges than ever before, more actions, more noise and more heat.

But to get there we need huge collective action - the kind of mass mobilisation that can’t be brushed aside.

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