come to COP with us!

Join us in Glasgow at COP! 

We know the climate crisis can’t be fixed at a two week summit, but the November COP Summit in Glasgow is a perfect moment for us to come together, meet each other in person and take action. 

The real work happens when the summit is over, making sure that governments in the global north decarbonise as fast as possible, and don’t break their commitments.

But to do that we need to build a movement strong enough to force our political leaders to step up to take decisive climate action, or step aside for someone who will. That’s why we’re all going to Glasgow in November, and we want you to come with us!

You’re invited to join hundreds of young people who want to disrupt the system and take action at our first national gathering at the COP climate summit in Glasgow. 

From training to banner making, protests, actions and parties we’ll use the weekend to build our movement, have fun together, celebrate how far we’ve come and launch our BRAND NEW escalation plan for 2022. 

We've got big plans - some of them online so you can join us from outside Glasgow! Here's the itinerary:

Wednesday 3rd November: Art Space opens! This will be a place to make banners, placards and other protest art and get to know each other, and will stay open until Sunday.

Friday 5th November daytime : Join the Glasgow Youth Strike

Friday 5th November 7-9pm: Meet the movement evening (+ online)

Saturday 6th November daytime: Join the GND Rising bloc at the Global Day of Action march in Glasgow

Saturday 6th November evening: Day of Action afterparty and social events!

Sunday 7th November 11-1pm: Launching the 2022 escalation plan

Sunday 7th November afternoon: Take action together in Glasgow

Find your place in the movement. Meet hundreds of other young people who care about the climate. Get pumped up and ready to take action. 

If you need accomodation in Glasgow, let us know on the form. We've secured some space but places are tight so we're asking everyone who needs a place to stay to fill out an extra application form. Places will be prioritised for people of colour, working class people, and for GND Rising volunteers, and we we'll do our best to find everyone a space, but can't guarantee it.

We will also provide support for travel costs to anyone who needs it - fill out the form and we'll send you more info on how to apply for travel reimbursement.

Ready to join us in Glasgow? Fill out the form below and we’ll send you your full registration and info pack straight away. 

Can’t come to Glasgow? Don’t worry - you won’t miss out on all the fun! We’ll be running two big events that you can join in with online:

  • Meet the Movement on Friday 5th November at 7pm
  • 2022 Action Plan launch on Sunday 7th November at 11am

Stay tuned for more information including zoom links for these!

Whether you’re completely new to the movement, an experienced MP challenger or working in a volunteer team - we need you in Glasgow. We’re only as strong as the relationships we build. It’s time to come together.