we’re just getting started

When GND Rising launched on the 5th of August, just over 4 months ago, we knew that the task facing this movement was huge. 

With a new IPCC report making it clearer than ever that time was running out to tackle the climate crisis, and COP26 on the horizon, we knew we had to act quickly to build the beginnings of a movement that could disrupt business as usual and spark the change we need. 

Since launching in August we have: 

  • trained and welcomed more than 600 young people into our movement as part of 9 volunteer teams 
  • challenged more than 40 MPs on video, which have been viewed more than 3.1 million times on social media – forcing them to publicly choose a side
  • reached out to thousands of new young people inviting them to join our movement
  • worked with champions in Parliament to launch the Green New Deal Bill
  • showed up in our hundreds for climate justice at COP in Glasgow.

We’ve built the beginnings of a powerful movement - one with the potential to make a real difference. Next year we will go bigger - together.

We’ll challenge more MPs, in more disruptive and attention-grabbing ways.

We’ll go out into our communities to canvass and build support for the Green New Deal. 

We’ll recruit and train thousands more young people into the movement until we are an unstoppable force

We’ll pick our battlegrounds for an upcoming election, and build our power locally.

And we’ll do it all in the spirit of solidarity, joy, and optimism - because when we work together, we can do amazing things - we already have! 

If you haven’t taken the plunge and joined us for a welcome call or an action yet, now is the perfect time. In January we’re hosting an extra special welcome call where we’ll run down our action plan for the year ahead, and how you can be part of it. (There may even be special guests...)

Sign up now to save your spot:

Everything that we’ve done together so far has only happened because someone like you has stepped up to take action - whether that’s challenging their MP, or reaching out to recruit friends and flatmates, or training the next cohort of volunteers.

We need everyone - and there’s a place for you too. 

Join us.