The SNP have been in power in Scotland for over 15 years & haven’t delivered on their countless promises to create a green future for Scotland. We’re calling time on their talk, we want action! 

The SNP are at a crossroads. Humza Yousaf as new SNP leader & First Minister has the opportunity to respond to the tens of thousands of people who want clean power, warm homes, and a safe future for everybody. But that means choosing people and the planet over the demands of the oil and gas industry, wealthy landowners and their paid up lobbyists. It's time to pick a side.

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We demand an end to all new oil and gas developments and a timeframe and costed action plan for a just transition. 

To ensure a livable future where we can all thrive, there can be no new oil and gas fields anywhere on earth. The science could not be clearer. The SNP have spent far too long cosying up to fossil fuel companies and avoiding the realities of their responsibility. Scotland is a rich historical polluter and we need real climate leadership in government to act fast. We need the SNP to stop giving dirty fuel companies influence over government climate policy, to say no to any new oil and gas and give us a full phase out plan.

To build a fair and fast transition for our communities, we need to stop climate-wrecking oil and gas urgently. Every delay to this damages the need for a well-planned and just transition. 

The SNP have spent years making half-baked promises with little follow through but enough is enough. The SNP must produce a concrete timeframe and a costed action plan for a just transition in their general election manifesto, alongside making big and exciting moves towards a Green New Deal in the next year. We want action now and no more talk. 

In the new leader’s first year in power they must: 

  1. Commit to phasing out oil and gas production by 2030 in the Energy Transition Strategy. 

The SNP leadership have already moved away from their long-term stance of maximising oil and gas production thanks to the climate movement across Scotland. We know we can push them further. The Scottish Government’s draft Energy Transition Strategy doesn’t commit to stopping new oil and gas production or a phase out plan for the North Sea. The strategy is being consulted on now and we need them to step up and develop a clear plan to phase out oil and gas by 2030.

  1. Introduce a Green Jobs Guarantee for Scotland

By investing in the low carbon economy, we can create an abundance of high value, well paid jobs in every community. From retrofitting to caring to working on our buses and trains, every single person who wants a job in the green economy should be able to get one.  The SNP promised 130,000 green jobs by 2020, this number now sits at just over 20,000 in 2023. We deserve a plan for how workers & communities will be protected and given space to thrive through the transition! 

  1. Launch a National Energy Company for Scotland 

We can’t allow private companies to continue profiting off public services and tax payer money. In 2017, the SNP pledged to set up a publicly owned, not for profit energy company for Scotland and have since abandoned this pledge. We need to bring energy, a fundamental public service, into public ownership for a real transition to a green economy.