Join us at the Summer Gathering

The first weekend in July is our 2023 Summer Gathering! Join us for a weekend of fun, skillsharing, action training and community-building. Expect to sleep in a tent*, pitch in to cook and clean - and leave ready to take on the world! ⛺❤️‍🔥💪

When: Fri 30th June - Sun 2nd July

Where: West Yorkshire

Who: 200 GNDRisers from across the movement, and brand new folks

Who is this gathering for?

If you’re not sure this is for you - then you’re exactly who we want to sign up! Our movement is full of people who’ve never been involved in any kind of activism before. If you’ve never camped previously, that’s ok - we’ll have kit you can borrow, and a team of lovely people to help you out with pitching your tent and feeling comfortable. And if you really don’t want to sleep in a tent, there are some indoor spaces available too. 

No matter what your experience is - if you’re brand new, have been part of the movement for months, or have been away for a bit and are looking for a way back in - this is for YOU! 

At GND Rising, we make sure no-one is left out or left behind. That’s the world we’re trying to build, and that’s the rule in our spaces. We bring people on the margins into the mainstream, by looking out for each other and by being proactive about creating accessible and inclusive spaces.

Some things we’re considering for this event are:

  • Step free access - there is step free and wheelchair accessible accommodation, and the meeting spaces are all also step free
  • Mobility issues - the Gathering will be spread over multiple separate buildings across the site, with some uneven ground between. We will be leaving time for people to move around the site, and will provide mobility assistance for anyone who needs it (e.g. rental of an all-terrain wheelchair and/or small vehicle)
  • Quiet chillout spaces to take breaks in / for sensory overload
  • We can cover the costs of a carer or interpreter to accompany you to the Gathering
  • We will have a buddy system in place as well as a wellbeing team for anyone who wants some extra support
  • We can provide access to refrigeration for any medicines, we will also have first aid trained volunteers on site at all times
  • Dyslexia-friendly copies of written materials
  • Schedules and timings shared in advance

If you have access needs, particularly any that are not covered here, please let us know in your registration form so we can work out how we can create the accommodations you need.

We don’t want cost to be a barrier to anyone so the gathering is completely FREE to attend, and we can support you with the cost of travel. Camping kit can be provided free to anyone who needs it, and we can pay your train/bus fare in advance if that will help you to attend. 

More info on all of this in our info pack 

Sign up now and we’ll send you a registration form to fill in, and link you up with other people who are coming so you can ask questions and get to know people before you arrive. The registration form will ask you about any access, dietary, or other needs you have - as well as whether you need help with your travel or borrowing camping equipment. 

What will we be doing?

We have an action packed programme for you - here’s some of the things you can expect:

  • ACTION - we’ll be training you up in direct action, and bringing you in behind the scenes of our plan to take our campaigns against Labour and the SNP up a notch.
  • FUN - climate organising is hard, and we know how to have fun and celebrate when we can - you’ve worked really hard this year, so join us for some in person JOY!
  • SKILLS - everyone contributes to this movement in different ways. This weekend we’ll learn from each other to level up our organising and election skills, and get more confident together.
  • PITCHING IN - Everyone will need to pitch in make this happen - join a team to find friends before you arrive, and be part of creating something amazing.

Why this/why now?

With a year and a half (we think) left until the next general election, this is the perfect time to dive in to a movement that is fighting to build power and push opposition parties to back a Green New Deal. 

Our strategy as a movement is reaching it’s crucial stage - now is the time to get involved!

 And we know that taking action together, in person is the best way to recharge your batteries and feel HOPEFUL. 
Lots of people struggle with getting involved in any movement that is pushing for big change, but especially around climate change. It’s huge and scary and feels like there’s nothing we can do as individuals. It’s easy to push it to the back of your mind as something you have no control over, or don’t want to think about.

The antidote to this is getting together and taking action - with people who are just as scared, and just as willing to try as you are. Together, we can win.

Sign up now for our Summer Gathering!