we are green new deal rising.

We are a movement of young people from every part of the UK, fighting for the better future we all deserve and know is possible.  

We’ve grown up in an age of crisis - at a time when it has felt hard to stay hopeful. We’ve grown up in a world at the tipping point of climate chaos. We’ve seen austerity rip apart our communities whilst putting up with low paid, zero-hours contracts. We’ve seen the pandemic make the gap between rich and poor get wider and wider and we’ve seen how all of this is so much worse for people already struggling all over the world.

A secure job, decent home and financial security are impossible for most of us. From police brutality to Windrush we have a crisis of racial justice that stretches beyond our borders. We can feel the clock ticking down as we’ve watched floods and fires destroy lives from Dhaka to Doncaster.

But we also know the only thing that has ever altered the course of history is a huge disruptive movement willing to do what it takes to win. And that’s what Green New Deal Rising will be - a movement that uses moral power to disrupt the system to deliver a Green New Deal.

More than a plan to survive, the Green New Deal is a plan to thrive. It’s a 10 year game changing plan to transform our world at the speed and scale required people and communities front and centre. It’s a plan that will deliver a good green job to everyone that needs one, a plan for everybody to live in warm and affordable homes.

We know what we are fighting for is huge.  

And that’s why we need to rise up. 

GND Rising is a movement of young people from every part of the UK. We are millennials and Gen Z. We come from towns devastated by cuts and we grew up in cities choked by air pollution. We are black, brown and white. Queer, trans and disabled. In school, college and at university. In work and unemployed.  

We know what it feels like to be afraid.  But we also know what it feels like to be powerful. To tell stories and imagine the future we could build. 

And we will be heard. 

We see through the empty words of climate delaying politicians and fossil fuel executives who are fighting to stay in control by any means necessary.  Even leaders who know the scale of the problem don’t have the courage to stand up and do what it takes.  

So we are calling time on these empty words and broken promises.  We are going to work together to create widespread disruption to the political system by challenging politicians wherever we find them.

No more excuses. Nowhere to hide. We need to make every MP to feel the heat. Are you with us?