Make Polluters Pay!

an internationalist green new deal programme for a labour government

An internationalist Green New Deal  is a policy programme for people and planet. It empowers the most vulnerable and redresses the unequal dynamics between those responsible for climate breakdown and those that have done the least to cause it.

People living on the frontlines of the climate crisis are facing devastating droughts, famines, heatwaves, and wildfires. Fossil fuel corporations, driving planetary heating – and lining their pockets amidst a cost of living crisis – should pay for the damage they’ve done.

As young people we understand that the crisis we are facing in this country is not separate from the crisis faced by young people around the world, particularly in the Global South - crises which come from corporate greed and the extraction of wealth from the poorest to the richest. 

Labour has an opportunity to act and introduce a bold, internationalist Green New Deal which raises the living standards of ordinary people around the world. It’s time to step up and act with responsibility, commitment & compassion. 

That’s why we’re launching An Internationalist Green New Deal Programme for Labour - a set of policy briefings designed in collaboration with Climate Vanguard - as part of our Labour: Be Bold Campaign

a photo of about 30 young GND activists outside Parliament with a banner that says 'Make Polluters Pay'

What are our demands?

There are four key areas covered in these briefings:

  1. Pay Up: Raise £100bn for climate mitigation, adaptation, and loss and damage by taxing fossil fuel companies.
  2. Relieve Debt: Relieve large scale debts to stabilise economies, support climate measures, and redress global injustice.
  3. Transform Trade: Bring trade rules in line with necessary action on climate change
  4. Support Migrants: Establish safe routes, end the backlog, and support migrants at home

You can read more about each of these demands in detail in our briefing document:

Why are we targeting Labour?

Labour is about to form the next government and has the opportunity of a lifetime to make real change internationally. We want their election manifesto to be full of robust and ambitious international and domestic climate policy.

That’s why Green New Deal activists have been turning the heat up on the Labour Party through our Labour: Be Bold Campaign, organising sit-outs up and down the country outside MPs offices.

What we do now will have huge implications for future generations, and our ability to tackle the climate crisis. We can’t let this opportunity slide.

Get involved in our Labour: Be Bold campaign today!