SNP – No more talk, we want action!

Now more than ever, we can see what's holding society back. Sky high energy bills, low-paid jobs and dirty air - they're all the result of political decisions which put profit before people's lives. We know that we have to stick together if we are going to face these issues, and win real solutions. And we know that we deserve political leadership that will do what's necessary to make a difference to our friends, families and communities.

The SNP have been in power in Scotland for over 15 years and whilst there has been some progress towards the green and fair future we all desperately want, they are lagging behind on delivering their promises. They’ve continued to cosy up to the fossil fuel industry at a time of climate crisis. And despite saying that Scotland would become a world leader in renewable energy, they massively undervalued the sale of Scottish renewable company ScotWind and the numbers of green jobs they said they would provide are well below what was promised and they are dropping still. On top of that they’ve completely abandoned plans to launch a public energy company and at the current rate there’s no way they will reach the Scottish Government’s climate targets or the targets committed to in the Paris agreement.

Its time to pick a side. Are they with us, people and planet or will they continue to stand with oil and gas lobbyists? Its time to pick a side!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity

The SNP are at a crossroads. Humza Yousaf has the opportunity to respond to the tens of thousands of Scots who want clean power, warm homes, and a safe future for everybody. But that means choosing people and the planet over the demands of the oil and gas industry, wealthy landowners and their paid up lobbyists.  These vested interests have held the SNP party captive for too long and it’s time for Yousaf to get our generation onside by standing up to them and in defence of working people all over Scotland  and the world. Yousaf needs to get to work now and show us what he is made of. 

Email Humza Yousaf today with our demands! 

Our Demands 

We’re demanding that  in the first year of his leadership the SNP must deliver a Greens Jobs Guarantee, a national energy company for Scotland and a phase out of oil and gas production by 2030 in the Energy Transition Strategy. 

Then as we approach the next election, we will be turning up the heat on the SNP. We know that under a new leadership, all eyes will be upon the direction they are taking in their next manifesto.  As young people, we have so much to gain and everything to lose so we will be coming together in the fight of our lives to demand an end to all new oil and gas developments and a timeframe and a costed action plan for a just transition. (Read more about our demands here)

We’re going to take every chance we can to force the SNP to make the right decision. That means more MSP & MP challenges than ever before. More actions, more noise and more heat. 

But to get there we need huge collective action - the kind of mass mobilisation that can’t be brushed aside.

Are you with us?